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Building your plant based pantry – Part 2

So last week I showed you what my plant-based pantry looks like concerning foods & condiments. It really doesn’t have to be pricey! On that note I’d also like to add, if there are any of you thinking about adding more whole foods to your diet or changing to a plant-based lifestyle – this does not require throwing out any processed food or animal products you currently have in you kitchen! Although I promote a plant-based healthy lifestyle – I do not want to encourage being wasteful. This is what being frugal is all about. Since you have already bought it/ received it has a gift prior I believe you should still make use of these items – it is clearly wasted money otherwise.

How to build your plant-based pantry Part 2


So many people argue that plant-based meals aren’t very exciting – but in my opinion that’s because they don’t know how to cook them. Spices and Herbs are the secret!!! I think I probably overdo it most of the time (in a good way!) because I generally double/triple the amounts in recipes.


Sarah’s Spice drawer:


Bay leaf


Sweet paprika
Smoked paprika
mild Curry
Garam masala
Garlic powder

Spice drawer

This is it! My current storage system is not optimal – I have yet to find a nice organizing system that fits all the shapes and sizes. I don’t like the idea of buying the same size jars for all of them, because it’s a waste of money and then I still need an extra location for the overflow that doesn’t fit into the containers… I used to have them all neatly in a large box on the kitchen counter, but since we moved – counter top space has become precious as the kitchen is smaller. So instead I made room for them in a drawer and keep a small box for the spices that are in bags on the window sill. It is super convenient to have them all stashed away there right next to the hob without sacrificing counter space, but it does get messy quite often – if you have any ideas to better organize this, let me know – I’m open for suggestions!

This list may seem overwhelming – but all you need to do is by 1-2 herbs/spices each time a new recipe calls for it! And you will very quickly amass a huge variety without it burning a hole in your pocket. If you compare the list with the picture I also own a few spice mixes like cajun seasoning and paella spice mix – it’s nice to have them, but I rarely use them so nothing I’d consider essential!

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